"why do you think?"

I recently read the link below  in ajc  and I would love to hear the comments of the bloggers here. Note the assumption is that Woody does not want to fail obviously so can you all answer the following questions,. To quote the author, Instead of asking folk to judge or criticize, lets challenge ourselves  to think of why? Maybe that might improve our understanding of basketball.

Some more additional questions I would like us to look at are:


1. Why doesnt Woody not give Jeff teague more minutes?

The guys at hoopinionblog did an analysis. Based on prior year picks, only Mario Chalmers has been a mid first round point guard that started for his team.So it is an anomaly for a non lottery pick/point guard  to play heavy minutes in his first year. When you add the fact that the Hawks are a winning team, that even makes it harder to justify.  There is a reason Jeff was passed over by over 20 teams. I am guessing his flaws  will probably take more than a year to fix. 

2. Why does Woody not call more plays for Al Horford?

My guess is that unlike Joe and  Jamal,Horford does not take tough shots.  He usually plays within himself.This i think is part of his nature. So the reason he is one of the leaders in FG% is not only that he doesnt get enough touches. Maybe it is because he only takes shots that have a high % of going in, he only calls for the ball on offence where he has his man in an advantageous position or he passes the ball if he does not have a good shot. Should Woody tell him to be more agressive on offense? I dont think so. He is in his 3rd year and still working on his post moves so right now, it might be more advisable for him to play within himself and continue to improve. 

3. Why does Woody switch on defense? 

From the 2 to the 5th position, the hawks have players that are between 6ft7 and 6ft9. They all weight between 240 to 250 pounds. That is a very little variation. Why bother fighting through screens and risking missing assignments. You don't have to worry about going under screens and getting burnt.  Usually switching happens at the top of th key and the worse case scenerio is Bibby in a mismatch with a big or Al with a pg. With Josh and Al good shot blockers and help defenders, the Hawks are not really at a disadvantage when they switch. Also,  by switching all the defense.

A FanPost expresses the opinion of the community member who wrote it and not that of the blog management.

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