The Uncurious Case of Joe Johnson.

Ed. note: A fanpost counter point to the post The Curious Case of a Joe Johnson extension. Cheer. Hawksdawgs.

Sorry Hawksdawgs, there is nothing curious about Joe Johnson. If the Hawks have the opportunity to extend Joe, they should do it NOW!!!.. If he takes anything less than max we should do it NOW!!. If Joe goes next summer, we will not be able to replace him with anything remotely close in terms of skill level. Here we go again, taking success for granted.

5 years and 75 million??? That will be a very good deal for the Hawks. Please Sund go ahead and make this happen.

5 reasons why we should resign Joe.

1.       MATCHUP: He is a match up nightmare for other 2 guards. Please look around the league and let me know if you see any 6ft 7 guards that weight around 240 pounds ??  You don't let such players go!!. Who else on the Hawks team demands a double team??

2.       LACK OF APPRECIATION  OF PHOENIX. The Suns looked like they got the better deal then. However, that was the beginning of the end for Phoenix.  Looking back, they would gladly pay him the 70 Mil for 5 years. Please let us not do the same thing .He is just reaching his peak( generally, players peak at 28,29) and based on the next point, he is not likely to dropoff significantly over the next 5 years.

3.       PRODUCTION: Joe's production and effectiveness will most likely not go down because he does not rely on athleticism which tends to reduce with age. He relies on his skills, size and strength which is not likely to slow down as he gets older. The reason why Joe played long minutes was because we needed him to do that to win games and the team was very young. Look for Joe to be more efficient in terms of minutes and FG% since the team is  getting older and more experienced .

4.       ABILITY TO CREATE SHOTS: Joe is the only player on the team that can create his own shot. Besides Crawford who is far less efficient, he is the only player that can go 1 on 1. Good coaching or not, YOU NEED THAT IN THE NBA TO WIN GAMES !!!!.

5.       FREE AGENCY 2010. Make no mistake about it. Joe will be courted VERY HARD next summer by teams below the cap. Make no mistake about it teams around the league will gladly pay Joe max money next summer. Why risk losing him for nothing???Pay the guy now if he wants to stay for less than max. You never know what will happen next year.

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