As we come into the new season, with the team almost set, I strongly feel that the Hawks are not that far from competing for a championship. One team comes to mind as I look at the Hawks -The Detriot Pistons of the last 6 years. With the continued organic growth of the team, all we need right now is a legit player to drop on our lap. I believe that if we are patient, sooner or later a team out there that is losing and not going to make the playoffs is going to look to shed one of its big time player’s ala Pau Gasol, Shaq, Jefferson, Carter….with the current market, these types of salary dumps will become a common occurrence. The hawks need to maintain its flexibility to be able to take advantage of any very good player that might will be on the trading block before the deadline.

The Celtic have just 1 or 2 years to compete in the East.One injury to any of its Big 4 players and they are done for the season. With all 4 players over 30, there is a high likelihood that there will be an injury. The Magic seem to be imploding with the Lewis suspension, the Gortat displeasure for playing backup and  the unlikelihood that the Carter deal will pay off. A slow start in Disney land and all hell will break lose with the team well over the cap. The Cavaliers are only built for 1 year. Let’s be patient. Contrary to popular belief, we are not that far off from competing for a championship.

Right now, the Hawks are below the cap so getting one of these players is a possibility.

Some of the players - specifically front court players that are likely to be dumped and the reasons:

-          Carlos Boozer/Amare Stadamire/Samuel Delambert- We all know why. Last year of contract and not in teams long term plans! They might not be bad for a mid-season rental program for the playoffs.

-          The whole Golden state front line. The team might just break in up and go into rebuilding mode since they are unlikely to make the playoffs.

-          Tyson Chandler- Are the Bobcats done with their fire-sale????

-          Camby- The Clippers might have to decide if it will be more beneficial to think long term in terms on the rebuilding effort.

-          Joel Prizbilla- Sooner or later, they will have to decide if Greg Oden is the future.





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