Na na na na... Na na na na... Hey, Hey, Hey... Gooooodbye... to the HEAT!

In less than 7 games, I officially don't like Dwayne Wade... Just needed to get that out.

Now on to the real post...

It's simple, the Atlanta Hawks took their game to the next level... Or round, if you will. For Joe Johnson... Josh Smith.. and even the Steve Harvey lookin' Mike Woodson, this is a dream realized. It might not be the greatest accomplishment, but coming from the not so distant past season of 13 total wins and the scorn of not drafting stars like CP3, Deron Williams and plenty of other big name guys in the league today, winning the first round series versus the Miami Heat was plenty to yell, scream and be extremely happy about. 

And even with all the excitement of their greatest accomplishment in 10 years, the Hawks can only celebrate just so much... The next series is vs the high-intensity, uber good basketball team known as the Cleavland Cavaliers... or as I like to call themKing James and his Royal Army... We no longer have home court advantage and to win every game at home isn't enough (even though we didn't this past series). So with all the hype and everyone counting on LeBron James and the Cavs sweeping us in 4, like they did lame-game Detroit (hehehe @GladILeft), I've decided to note some thing in our favor and some things that may be our demise.

The Hawks have at least 2 major things going for them:

1.Every game played vs the Cavs at home this season has been a win or a very close loss. This means that with the playoff atmosphere, sellout crowds plus the intensity and revolve to win and prove the world wrong, Atlanta has a huge chance of beating these guys at the Highlight Factory. It's a must.

2. The Hawks have finally won one of the road. In Game 4 of the Miami Heat series, Atlanta stood up played like a group of grown men, leading to a win on enemy grounds, the first in 12 years for the Hawks... This was a peak into what makes this Hawks team special... When they play, they PLAY! Even in hostile arenas... We have to take the hustle, the aggression, the will, desire and overall determination to play for a win in game 2 of the Cavs series... "Why Game 2?", you ask - In Game 1 they'll be ready.. they'll come out and probably spank us like foster kids... but in Game 2... we might be able to catch em flat-footed... They might get a little too comfortable and the Hawks steal one in Quickens. I know, I know... sounds like crazy talk... but it's happened plenty of times, trust me.


We have allot of things going against us, but I'll even this post out by naming only 2 of them:

1. I'll start by negating "Number 2" of the last section (lol), The Cavs don't lose at home... They lost 2 games at the house.... 2.... and for all intents and purposes... they only lost 1.... I'd love to think the Hawks can be the "Streak Killers" they were at the beginning of the season, but it's going to be hard... The Cavaliers have become so effecient at home that they're basically unbeatable. With that fact being stated, allow me to remind you that they have home court advantage... Winning at home + More games at home = Series win. 

2. Not sure if you noticed... But LeBron is a man on a mission. He's made statements saying this season would be a waste if they didn't come away with rings (I don't think those are just wors... lol) ... He's lead his team in all major stat categories... He's assisted his team in essentially only losing 1 game at home all season... He is the league MVP.... and he wants it bad... real bad... LeBron plays like a superstar athlete and has the focus of one as well. He will go through anyone and everyone to attain that goal and thats why...


I pick Cleavland to win the series in... well... I don't know how many games they'll win it in. I'm definitely not looking for a sweep in any fashion. They'll probably win in 6... maybe 5... Hopefully 7...

Go Hawks... 


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