Hawks Draft Board 2009


Small Forward: Marvin is done. He is too young to be having back issues. T-Mac's decline started the same way.

Point Guard: Bibby may walk at the end of the year. Futhermore; he has 3 years or so left at a starting level. Need to find backup and eventual replacement.

Big: Zaza may walk at end of the season. Futhermore; you need a rotation of 3 legit bigs to take the next step IMO.







1 Thabeet: Very unlikely to fall here.

2 Aldrich, Cole: Unlikely to fall here if he enters at all. Upside could be Kaman. On the other hand, he could be Aaron Gray. Worth a shot though.

3 Hill, Jordan: Unlikely to fall here. Is a rebounder at worst he can be one of the Davis brothers that played for Indiana.

4. Johnson, James: Somewhat Possible. Rebounds, has size to defend and I have seen him go coast to coast with more fluidness than Josh, more aggressive to the hole than Marvin. Would be a Great pick.

5. Young, Sam: My only doubt about this guy is he is 24 or 25 which will cut his career to 10 years if he is lucky.  Defense, Offense, and he will step up.

6. James, Damion: Mid-range game looks just as good or better than Marvins.  Finishes well.Does not handle well and probably doesn't have NBA 3 point range.

7. Lawson, Ty: Good change of pace guy if nothing else he can give what Speedy would be able to give if he was playing. On the other hand, he could be Raymond Felton with a little more quicks.

8. Flynn, Jonny: Has a chance to be a really good starter. Scores better than Lawson. Pushes it well. More athletic than Lawson . He just doesn't impress me on defense and he turns it over a lot more than Lawson. Could be better than Lawson on the Pro-Level though. Young Stephon Marbury like elevation on mid-range jumper.

9. Price, AJ: The guy can score and I think he can be a really good pick and roll player because he can shoot. Dont know how much of a passer he is though and he has only bested the 2:1 turnover ratio 1 out of 3 years.

10. Collins, Sheron: This guy can definitely be a change of pace guy if nothing else. He could turn into a 15p, 8 ast, guy also.

11. Thorton, Marcus: If you can get Flip without the ability to play point guard in the 2nd round, you should seriously consider it.

12. Douglas, Toney: Numbers dont support him being a point and size doesn't support him being a 2, but he can play and definitely could be a guy that you let come of the bench and just do what he does.

13. Heytvelt, Josh: Size, but doesn't rebound. Skills, but does not always put them to use. He has definite pick and pop ability though.



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