Fire Woodson

This is a comment to Bret's post on Hoopinion in regards to Acie's first start of the season.  I didn't feel like creating a Blogger account and I couldn't post using the Anonymous tag, so I figured this was the best place to rant, er ... I mean post my comment.  Whatever, it probably doesn't flow nor do I care at this point.

Short story: I hate Woodson and think he's holding back talent and this team's potential and should be released immediately.

Long story:

I agree with Drew and CoCo, and have been pretty much preaching it since before last season.  Woodson has no business coaching a team.  It does not and will never matter what players are provided to him, he will not change and they will never develop or get better by his cause.  Woodson never reacts to anything in-game, he never reacts to things game-to-game, and it's been obvious to me that he isn't reacting to things from season to season.  The fact that ownership signed him up for another three years is NOT indicative of him doing a good job, but more so an indictment of the ownership itself and their cheap ways.  At least BK tried firing Woody.  At this point, he's the only one that saw what was happening.

Until Woodson is gone, nothing will change.  The players will continue to not develop their game, the stale offensive play calling will remain, and this team will languish in relative mediocrity and unfulfilled potential.  I place all blame on him at this point.  And as a lifelong fan, this is seriously getting maddening to watch and be a part of.

Acie should be splitting minutes with Bibby on the first team and leading all minutes with the second team at the point.  That's why you draft first round players, so that they actually PLAY, not sit and expect to be ready to play.  Nothing simulates game-time experience except playing in real games.

Also, Woodson completely fails at adjusting to the players on the team and taking advantage of each of their strong points.  He simply expects each player to adjust to his philosophy, which isn't much of one to begin with, and like Drew said, he has already made his mind up on Acie.

Fire Woodson.  That's the only solution.


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